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2023 in Lights

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

As we close our doors for the holidays, we reflect on a number of highlights from 2023 that are worth celebrating!

My word at the start of 2023 was CONSOLIDATION. As the CEO of Gen A Consultancy, I had a strong desire to streamline our services so that we could better serve our clients and carve out a stronger niche for ourselves.

As we eased into the year, the overpowering theme became Leadership Development for conscientious business professionals and business leaders. That is what our clients asked of us and that is exactly what we have proudly delivered. As such we have several highlights to boast:

TJ Therapies, one of our clients who came through our private Business Coaching programme, which informed his strategy and future business model, has since opened three new locations in London and Cheshire, delivering his world class kinetic therapies. The CEO has been featured in the Daily Mirror and Sky Sports News which has led to him working with Premier League athletes as well as athletes from world combat sports and Olympians. These are the sorts of results that Gen A strives for our clients, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for TJ Therapies!

We are also pleased to have been working as a delivery partner on the START Programme here in the Southwest of England where we have already impacted close to 30 tech founders. The START Programme is led by UWE and in collaboration with the University of Bristol, University of Bath, Bath Spa University and techSPARK. EDI Partners and Gen A Consultancy are the private sector entities that were brought in to co-design the entrepreneurial programme that has taken three cohorts of tech-founders so far from Idea to Market.

Gen A Consultancy also boasts becoming the delivery partner for SOLARIS Rising Stars Executive Leadership Programme from September 2023. Furthermore, we are proud to have collaboratively launched SOLARIS Quest – a business coaching programme for SOLARIS Alumnae who are keen to launch a side-hustle and perhaps even a fully fledged business. The future of leaders who identify as being of Black heritage is bright and Gen A is excited to be part of their transformative journeys!

It has been a real feeling of accomplishment having moved our biggest African consultancy project from two years of strategically planning the intricate details of its design, to securing their initial investment. We are now ready to execute this transformative maritime project in West Africa in Q1 of 2024 in partnership with international teams who have embraced the ethos that social impact and profits can coexist. It’s time for Africa and this project is going to be the industry standard for quality, sustainable change that will define the African gold standard for years to come. What an honour for Gen A to have a front row seat to witness African excellence unfold!

Smart Learning Technologies – a new joint venture between Gen A Consultancy and Dr. Emma Pauncefort, the Bath-based Learning Sciences Practitioner - was also proudly founded in 2023. Emma and I bring together over 40 years' experience across the Education sector. We are on a mission to unlock learning for the ambitious learner, with evergreen learning strategies that ensure adult learners who have never been taught how to learn, achieve their learning goals whilst working.

Additionally, Gen A Consultancy and Oxford-based Strong Enterprises joined forces this year to co-create an African Leadership Framework in collaboration with three in-country research teams in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ghana. The idea was born out of the recognition that developing leaders at the community level is paramount to empowering individuals by providing them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to address specific challenges and opportunities from a deep understanding of local issues, culture and dynamics. We are so encouraged by the support we have received from high profile global organisations as well as committed individuals who share our vision of putting value on African wisdom and the contextual leadership model relevant to the global community, that will come out of it. Watch this space!

And finally, the end of the year was a real defining moment and humbling experience for me on a personal level. I was given the honour of being the opening speaker at the What’s Your Story? Conference in London earlier this month. Little did I realise that my personal story of adversity to success would resonate with thousands of people across the world. The reception and sheer number of messages of love, support and requests to explore opportunities for 2024 have been overwhelming! The universe is constantly revealing what we need to see in order to reach the next level of enlightenment and elevation. I am excited about integrating the lessons I have learned from stepping into my vulnerability, into my intentional approach to each and every day of 2024 – both in my personal and business endeavours.

So, as you have read, Gen A Consultancy has had a pretty phenomenal year with some amazing partnerships and life-changing opportunities! This year has set the tone for what we continue to strive for internally as well as for our clients-the co-creation of solutions, excellence and longevity.

None of this would be possible without the support of our networks, so thank you all for your unwavering support throughout the year! We continue to embrace the challenges that come with impact-driven initiatives, and we look forward to taking our clients with us to even greater heights in 2024!

Wishing you a peaceful festive season and every success for 2024! #2023goals #successstories #partnerships #collaboration #clientsuccess


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