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About Gen A

A core facet of Gen A Consultancy is partnership building. Therefore, Gen A Consultancy works closely with Associate Consultants to deliver the highest quality services to our clients in the following ways:


  • We empower business leaders and their initiatives by understanding their needs and bridging existing gaps.

  • We leverage existing global programmes for Africa to expand your local and international networks.

  • We support the business development of organisations that want to set up projects for Africa, wherever they are in the process of Ideation, Business Plan creation, Pitching for Financing, building Partnerships until Realisation.

  • We offer the latest knowledge and up-skilling through Gen A Academy, which was set-up in collaboration with some of the top subject-matter experts globally.

  • We apply our multi-cultural experiences of living, working and doing business in Japan, the Middle East, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, to help you to understand how to do business across borders.  

We are committed to excellence in the services we offer and we use tracking data to understand how we are making a difference for our clients.  


To your success!

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About our Founder

Hi! My name is Gamu, Founder of Gen A Consultancy. I am a former Accountant, Higher Education leader and Corporate Trainer turned African business translator.  I was privileged enough to grow up in Africa in the 90’s, a decade characterised by peace, stability and a booming economy. Since 2020 I have been a part of that success, but this time as an advocate for sustainable business and as a direct investor in the prosperity of the continent.

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