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Why aren’t you your own boss?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Do you dream of the day when you will run your own business and not have to answer to a boss?

How about waking up from your dream and taking action?

Perhaps you have been waiting for a clear and complete formula for success - one that will push you over the line to get started in your own business and offer you the necessary tools to get over the inevitable obstacles that have been keeping you from financial independence.

About six months into each of my previous job roles before I started this company, I found myself making statements such as: “If it were up to me, I would definitely do things differently…” And in many cases I went ahead and tried something new anyway, then presented it, with the results, to the management team for consideration. This went on until it was really clear that my talents just cannot be contained in one role or one organisation for that matter.

You may or may not be able to relate to my experience. Either way, let’s break this global phenomenon down into what's really holding you back and the knowledge you need to make the move from employee to boss.

A common theme amongst human beings is the #fearoffailure.

Fear of failure holds many people back because when you are afraid to fail, you’re afraid to risk anything. You dismiss opportunities for growth or progression because it requires you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Therefore, to avoid the possibility of failing, you remain in the same role way past the point at which you have outgrown it. And the idea of starting your own business remains an ongoing dream, year after year.

Here’s the thing. Whether you want to get a promotion where you are currently, switch careers or start your own business, you must accept that risk is part of the process. As the old saying goes: “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

You need to lean into the uncertainty and risk failure to succeed. It is just not possible to remain safe whilst going after your aspirations, so you have to be courageous and take action - irrespective of the result.

Another agonising feeling I recall having for the longest time was my disdain for salespeople, which I laugh about now because 80% of what I consciously do today is in fact sales. Remember all those cold calls made by companies selling you a new kitchen or bathroom? Well, thinking back to that time, I now have the awareness that my distrust for salespeople and more broadly, sales as a role, actually stemmed from my fear of selling. But what is this really about?

It turns out that there are a lot of hard-working service professionals or product businesspeople who hate to sell. If this is you, remember that we are all salespeople! We all have had to communicate our value in order to win in business and in life; not once, but over and over again. I will go as far as saying, on a daily basis! It's impossible to grow anything – yourself or your business without sales.

So, if like I did, you hate the idea of selling, you need to change your perception. All you need to know is that there is a way to ethically influence others in your personal or professional life and an authentic way of doing so is through storytelling.

You need to learn how to connect with others, articulate your value, and ask for what you want in a way that serves others. Always think – What is in it for them?

This emphasises the importance of working on the relationship you have with yourself so you can know your story – what are your obstacles to leaving unsatisfying employment and being your own boss so that you can serve others in a way only you know how?

And instead of going into work on a daily basis - uninspired - and daydreaming from your desk or wherever you spend most of your time, ask yourself - what do I have to offer to others?

Get curious about how to become a master at solving problems and providing value in a uniquely you way. After all, sales is all about serving and helping others get to where they want to go and you only succeed when you help others to succeed.

Fear is only one obstacle stopping people from achieving their dreams!

Let us know if you resonate with any of what I've shared today, but most importantly, what steps are you going to take next?

To your success!


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