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African Leadership Global goes live!

I love this city! 🌇

What a pivotal moment for Gen A Consultancy and Strong Enterprises as our latest joint initiative, African Leadership Global, was given the spotlight.

Nicola Strong and I were interviewed by the amazing Kevin Philemon last Friday night on his BBC Radio show in Bristol🎙

This was absolutely the right platform for us to promote our Research events being funded through our Leadership training courses delivered to organisations interested in exploring an innovative approach to #inclusiveleadership 🗣

Our next UK research event is being held in Weston-super-Mare on 10th May, 2024. We are still looking for a sponsor willing to offer us a Bristol venue for May 31st🙋‍♀️

☝🏼We therefore have 3 Asks:

1. If you would like to support the 'Stories of African Leadership' project by offering us a space in Bristol/if you know someone willing to do so, we would love to hear from you! 📞

2. If you would like to sponsor our Ghana, Zimbabwe or South Africa teams to carry out the same research from the ground, please get in touch! 🌍

3. African professionals living in the Southwest - we need you. If you would like to share a story that will inspire other leaders at one of our UK research events while networking, please sign up on our website. ↘️

A big thank you to Kevin and BBC Radio Bristol for hosting us 🙏🏼

And thank you to everyone who's gotten right behind us with this initiative. We highly appreciate and value your support 🙇‍♀️

To all of our success!


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