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What are you celebrating today?

Believe it or not, there are 34 holidays recorded on February 14th! Yes, there are and they are all listed below. Every day offers a variety of ways to think about it and who knew we had so many options on February 14th?

What struck me is that each Day is a celebration of love in one form or another - for self or for others. What a beautiful way to celebrate today. Without further ado, February 14 is…

Safer Internet Day

It's extraordinary to have an infinite amount of access to information at your fingertips isn’t it?

Valentine's Day

When many of us are ready to shower our significant others with love and tokens of our affection.

Extra-terrestrial Culture Day

Have you ever wondered about the lives that may exist in other galaxies?

Frederick Douglass Day

You can celebrate the legacy of Frederick Douglass by emulating his example and challenging the inequalities of today.

Gold Heart Day

Concerned citizens raise awareness and funds for the disabled and disadvantaged, so they can have equal opportunities.

International Book Giving Day

You’re encouraged to share the gift of knowledge by donating a book to someone in need.

International Quirkyalone Day:

International Quirkyalone Day is dedicated to the most important kind of love: self-love.

League of Women Voters Day

A celebration of the league of women who expanded voting rights in the U.S.

Library Lovers’ Day

Digest this fact - there was a time when libraries didn’t exist!


A new year of prosperity is upon us; the Naga tribe comes together to celebrate Lui-Ngai-Ni.

Madly In Love With Me Day

Remember that you are amazing! On Madly in Love with Me Day, commit to loving yourself.

National Black Literacy Day

This day focuses on literacy and the importance of reading and writing in learning.

National Boone Day

Get ready to honour one of the most unique names in the world.

National Call in Single Day

A reminder not to feel sad about being single today. Instead, enjoy this day to the fullest.

National Chance Day

Get ready to honour one of the most unique names in the world.

National Christine Day

Again, a day to celebrate the heritage of one of the most beautiful names in the world.

National Condom Awareness Day

National Condom Awareness Day promotes the necessary conversations about the proper usage of condoms.

National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day

Chocoholics will love this holiday that celebrates the decadent sweetness of cream-filled chocolates.

National Donor Day

By donating organs, you create a legacy of your generosity with the ultimate gift of love.

National Ferris Wheel Day

You should go on a Ferris wheel ride and enjoy the breath-taking views of the city.

National Football Hangover Day

An entire day dedicated to recovering from all the football celebrations and excitement.

National Have a Heart Day

On National Have a Heart Day, be the change you wish to see in the world.

National Impotence Day

Get ready to learn all about erectile dysfunction and its potential causes.

National Pet Theft Awareness Day

Animal trafficking is a serious issue, and we need to get together to stop it.

National Sports Day Qatar

Qatar encourages all citizens to get fit by recognising National Sports Day.

Organ Donor Day

This day celebrates and remembers people who have donated organs to save lives.

Pet Theft Awareness Day

Created for those who do not want their pets to land on a lost animal poster, encouraging you to raise your voice.

Rafik Hariri Memorial Day

The assassination of Rafik Hariri was a turning point in the history of Lebanon.

Read to Your Child Day

This Read to Your Child Day, help children enhance their intellect, imagination, and creativity with books.

Statehood Day in Arizona

Statehood Day in Arizona also celebrates the rich culture and history of Arizona.

Travel Africa Day

If you have no plans for Valentine’s, today is the day you get to jump on a flight towards Africa and discover its mysteries!

World Bonobo Day

This is the day to educate and raise awareness about bonobos, a species on the verge of extinction.

World Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day

Explore the prevalence of congenital heart defects in the world and how you can help.

World Sound Healing Day

Join millions of people around the world in celebrating World Sound Healing Day.

Take your pick and have a fabulous February 14th, 2023!


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