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📢 Exciting Announcement! Gen A Consultancy and Dr. Emma Pauncefort Join Forces! 🤝

I'm thrilled to share the news that Gen A Consultancy has formed a powerful new joint venture called Smart Learning Technologies! 🎉

By combining our expertise, resources and over 40 combined years of industry experience to fuel our shared vision for the future of education, we have embarked on a journey to revolutionise the world of learning and development.💡

Smart Learning Technologies’ mission is to help learners currently pursuing courses of study to overcome their learning obstacles and ensure that they have the lifelong toolkit to kickstart and progress future learning goals as they arise.

By working with education providers, we aim to raise awareness and enable implementation of effective learning strategies using both digital and 'offline' methods amongst those responsible for learner development. This way, we ensure everyone, no matter their educational background or access to resources, can acquire the skills they need to make an impact on their lives and their communities.

We are excitedly working towards bringing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions direct to learners, educators and those responsible for learners.

Look out for Digestif.AI - an intelligent and holistic tool that will diagnose learner obstacles in the context of critical C21st skills rooted in what employers want. 🚀

Together, we'll be at the forefront of transforming learning experiences and unlocking the potential of our future leaders. With our combined strengths, we're poised to deliver unparalleled solutions that empower learners to thrive in the digital era. 🌐

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we work collaboratively to redefine the way knowledge is acquired, shared and applied. Join us on this incredible journey as we shape the future of learning!


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