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Purpose-Led Ethical Business

“Purpose is about losing yourself— in something bigger than you. It is about wanting to make a difference and do for others—to help, to give, to serve. It is the legacy you are going to leave behind.”                                                                                        — Hayley Leibson

I am proud to have founded/co-founded three ethical businesses to date.

Gen A Consultancy was born out of the recognition that more needs to be done to bring visibility to the creative and innovative work taking place through African businesses. We help individuals and SMEs in several ways:

  1. Consultancy: we facilitate the international expansion of goods and services into the continent, through strategic partnerships.

  2. Business Coaching: working with private clients as well as in partnership with organisations to deliver 1:1 or group coaching to startup founders.

  3. Training: we deliver organisational training across Business and Leadership, to clients seeking to empower those from marginalised backgrounds, in particular women and individuals who identify as being from the Global Ethnic majority.

Gen A has been the sturdy tree trunk that has continued to grow different branches in connection with synergistically aligned collaborators and partnerships that I am most proud to have formed across the globe over the last few years. We continue to seek out like-minded allies that prioritise value over profit. After all, when you prioritise doing things the right way, money, which is a form of energy, will follow.

Now, education is at the heart of my philosophy of good business because, put simply, each individual’s earning potential and success is determined by their adaptability in these uncertain times. Education leads to opportunity.

Thus, the second business, Smart Learning Technologies, which I co-founded with the phenomenal Dr Emma Pauncefort has been a pure joy to be a part of. We understand that learning and the transformational change that inevitably accompanies it is a complex process and often a source of frustration for many.

Yet, learning is a continuous process throughout adulthood as we transition from one role to another, one industry to another and even as we discover who we are becoming and what our true interests are. For most people, the approach they learned from school simply does not work for them and it’s time to revisit this.

The solution we have been seeking to bring to the market is one that empowers learners with the tools and strategies to experience a life well-lived through learning. This means removing the barriers to learning, encouraging people to unlearn unhelpful habits and be open to relearning for new contexts, thereby continually enhancing their prospects and opportunities.

We have proudly launched the Become A Smarter Learner podcast that we record bi-weekly courtesy of The Studio in Bath. A real startup story of trial and error but we believe we have arrived at the right channel to connect with our audience. 

Finally, African Leadership Global. Just writing those three words brings with it a deeper sense of meaning to my business portfolio. There is a distinct feeling of cultivating a positive impact within society without regard for profits.

A little over a year ago, I sat at my desk asking myself how I could amplify Gen A’s mission of empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders on the African continent, starting with Africa rather than the international community. Little did I know that the universe had already put someone on my path that would team up with me to create something bigger than us both! When I met Nicola Strong, we both knew that there was a conversation to be had…and we have not looked back since!

Since launching African Leadership Global, we have formed research teams in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ghana, whilst Nicola and I take on the UK. Each team is going out to interview leaders in organisations or businesses, with the aim of collecting stories of good leadership that will inform an African leadership framework. 

Now you may be thinking “How is it possible to form an African leadership framework when Africa is so diverse?” That is the benefit of employing technology that is able to analyse responses at a community, regional, country or Pan-African level to give those nuances that allow the insights to be contextualised appropriately.

I don’t know if you believe in magic. I hadn’t given it much thought myself, but what continues to show up for me, well, you just can’t make it up! It reminds me that when business is focused on doing good for others, good will come back in unexpected ways.

I hope that this short read has inspired you to pursue your own purpose-driven business and encouraged you to bring your whole, unadulterated, authentic self to the table, wherever that table stands. Understand who you are and what contribution you have to make to the world then go and do it. You’ll never look back!

To your success!


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