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About our Founder

Hi! My name is Gamu, Founder of Gen A Consultancy. I am a former Accountant, Higher Education leader and Corporate Trainer, turned African business translator.  I was privileged enough to grow up in Africa in the 90’s, a decade characterised by peace, stability and a booming economy. Since 2020 I have been a part of that success, but this time as an advocate for sustainable business and as a direct investor in the prosperity of the continent.

I am focused on MSMEs who are interested in reaching out internationally to gain market share and grow. I specialise in businesses that want to enter the African marketplace or go out of Africa to bring their products and services to the world.  


Typically, my clients are businesses that do not feel comfortable navigating the massive details associated with internationalisation by themselves. I help business that need visibility, partnerships and localisation help, end to end expand successfully into other international territories (if they are from Africa) and into Africa if they are focused on that continent as a destination for growth.


One of my passions is to deliver my keynote talk on ‘Redefining Boundaries’ to heart-led organisations that are interested in breaking down perceived barriers between themselves and foreign communities, to connect to and grow a new customer base. I also enjoy doing a round table with thought leaders to share our expertise and insights into International Trade, Entrepreneurship and Africa as a viable place to do business.

I have developed a methodology that I use with global clients to help you and your business successfully penetrate the African market - The 5 Domains for Business Success in the African Market:

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