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Cross-Cultural Understanding of Africa

Narrow the gap between cultural differences and amplify the similarities!

Would you like the opportunity to do business in Africa, but feel you do not know enough about the people or the place? 

Perhaps you would like to visit one or more countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, but you do not feel confident navigating such a foreign culture to  your own? 

What possibilities would open up for you if you had a clearer understanding of the African culture and operating environment?  

In this online training you will...


Understand the range of cultural diversity across Africa, including the variety of social systems, cultures, and subcultures.


Describe some of the problems of working in and doing business with other countries in Africa.


Evaluate pertinent information and assertions for relevance, bias, stereotyping, manipulation, and completeness.

Gamu, I really enjoyed your CCU course. It was easy to use and really interesting. I’m going to use it to snowball into reading from the authors mentioned to keep going. It also brought back a lot of pertinent memories of my experiences so far working in West Africa and Ethiopia. 

- Tom Cracknell, Co-founder of Origin Africa.

In this self-directed learning programme, we will cover:


The history of Africa 


Greetings, family, and how local culture impacts both 


The diversity of religions


African business culture 


The diversity of Africa


Origins of African cuisine and practices around food 


Misconceptions about Africa 

This exciting programme covers the most important elements you need to develop your cross-cultural awareness and strengthen your cultural competence in foreign countries. We look forward to welcoming you to Generation Africa.


We know the difference it makes when a business has a clear understanding of their DE&I responsibilities and have a plan of action. We believe you will find this course valuable in the delivery of your DE&I journey. However, if you do not feel that the value you have received from the course meets your expectations just book a call with us to discuss how we can resolve that. 

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